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Park Pärnu Vallikäär and the Tallinn Gate, Estonia

Estonia, a paradise for lovers of culture and nature. Pärnu is a seaside resort on the west coast of Estonia. Here, a particularly idyllic park attracts visitors to the moat (Pärnu Vallikäär) and the footpath which runs along the waterfront. Since the park being redesigned, modern accents have been added to the historical backdrop to create a unified and unique atmosphere. Also where light is concerned.

Park Pärnu Vallikäär and the Tallinn Gate, Estonia

The atmospheric lighting on the pedestrian bridge and the 17th century Tallinn Gate ensure for those romantic moments in the evenings. Visitors who take a stroll across the bridge are expertly guided by our LEDLUX LH which is integrated into a slightly curved handrail. The blue version of the same lights is to be found on the underside of the bridge, artfully accentuating its structure and design. In the background, you will see the historically significant town gates with their exceptional stucco work, illuminated by instalight 4010. The concept deftly combines three separate light lines with three different looks to create a perfectly coherent lighting effect throughout Pärnu.

Project details

Photo: Ants Liigus and Siim Porila

Building owner: Pärnu town, Estland

Light planning: Siim Porila

Architect: Lootusproject OÜ, Kersti Lootus

Used products


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  • instalight 4010 LH instalight 4010 LH

    The light line system serves as an ideal tool for effective building accentuation. Reduced to a minimum of material in mechanical terms, the LED light line supports the architectural building character but, when switched off, recedes almost invisibly into the background. In addition, the light insert stands out through a direct connection to the mains voltage and compatibility with standard dimmers.