Stage urban spaces with light

Every city has its own character and identity. In the evening hours, this character can be emphasized in a particularly impressive way with the help of light. Light in public spaces creates places for exchange and experiences, tells stories and memories with tourists as well as with their own residents. In doing so, light has to be combined in a natural way with the needs of road users and residents. Safety, quality of stay and opportunities to meet and spend free time are characteristics of a functioning urban space that can be supported by light. Identifying places are rivers and promenades, squares, historical and architectural facades, monuments and sights as well as prominent infrastructure elements such as striking bridges. But artistic interventions with light can also enhance and revitalize city districts.


Shore lighting the victory, victories

Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight

Products for urban spaces

Spotlights and spotlights

OS1 3050

Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

OS2 3065

Outdoor spotlight OS2 3065

OS3 1065

Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050


Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

Handrail light inserts

OHR1 4020

Handrail insert OHR1 4020


Handrail insert OHR2 with micro-reflector

In-ground lights

OGL1 1060

Floor line OGL1 1060


Floor line OGL2 with micro reflectors

OGL3 3090

Ground point OGL3 3090

Facade lines

OLL1 4010

Facade line 4010

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