Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight
Lights switched off
Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight
Light color: warm white
Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight
Light color: neutral white
Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight
Light color: cool white
Natural light with the OS5 outdoor spotlight
Light color: blue

Outdoor Spotlight OS5

InstaLighting made one specifically for this purpose minimalist lighting concept developed and tested in field trials. OS5 is based on our new technology platform »Elements« and allows easy implementation natural lighting concepts.

Light in landscape planning focuses on the lighting effect, but it is best to banish the luminaire from the field of vision. Artificial light should create a natural appearance in landscape planning. This includes, for example, the correct direction of light. Light that shines from top to bottom creates characteristic shadow images similar to the sun or moon. Under trees we experience a natural dynamic play of light, shadow and wind. Near-natural lighting concepts also do justice to the subject of “light pollution”, protect biodiversity and make the landscape tangible and impressively tangible at night.

Micro reflectors

Maximum light control in the smallest of spaces brings the light exactly where it should.

Optics and light colors

can be freely combined in the pixels and individually controlled.

Powered by Elements

Elements is the modular technology platform from InstaLighting for maximum demands on light quality and flexibility in planning. A modular system of optics, light sources and electronics can be used to create high-quality lighting tools for every imaginable Configure application.

Modular building block system

Freely combinable system of light distributions, light colors and control modules.

Maximum and uniform quality of light

Consistent light quality across the entire portfolio for all optics, performance classes and light colors.

Stable temperature management and flicker-free dimming

for maximum light quality.


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