Highest quality of light for museums and shops.

Lighting for museums places the highest demands on the lighting tools used in all areas of application. The protection of the paintings, the color rendering as well as the atmosphere and quality of stay in exhibition rooms determine whether works of art can develop their full effect and curatorial concepts are well received by visitors.

XIM modules

Stratas NV

Rail system (48V) for Xicato XIM modules (CRI 98)


Stratas MB64

Rail system (3-phase, 230V) for Xicato XIM modules (CRI 98) with Bluetooth

Poti / DALI

Stratas MB

Rail system (3-phase, 230V) for Xicato XTM modules (CRI 98) with potentiometer / DALI

Poti / DALI / Bluetooth

Stratas XIC and BB

Rail system (3-phase, 230V) for Xicato XIM or XTM modules (CRI 98) with potentiometer / DALI / Bluetooth

Designer of all products

Experience from international museum projects

Christian Schneider-Moll is the founder of Stratas and designer of all products from the lamp manufacturer. With Stratas he has created one of the highest quality luminaire series for museum lighting. That is why Stratas lights are used by major museums and selected galleries around the world. InstaLighting is honored to be able to continue writing this story into the future.

Product families

Download Stratas brochure

Download the Stratas brochure here with an overview of all product families, references and further information on museum lighting and the light quality of Stratas spotlights.

Product catalog

Download product catalog Stratas (12.2019)

Download the current Stratas product catalog here with detailed information, dimensions and technical data for all Stratas product families.

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