Modern industrial architecture on the Gira Campus Röntgenstrasse

Two and a half years after laying the foundation stone, Gira opened its new production, development and logistics center at the company's headquarters in Radevormwald in October 2018. On 30,000 square meters, the imposing building offers space for around 550 employees from the areas of assembly, logic and development. LED lighting systems from Insta are predominantly used for lighting production, logistics and office areas.

Products used
  • instalight NoLimit 4033 pendulum profile
  • instalight NoLimit 4033 ceiling installation profile without frame
  • instalight Flat 2042 E
  • instalight Flat 2044 P
  • instalight NoLimit 4033 Light insert Mid Power Linear
  • instalight 3016
  • instalight Tec 2131
  • High Power Linear light insert

The "Gira Campus Röntgenstrasse" sets new standards in many ways. The building not only has one of the most modern, fully digitized small parts and high-bay warehouses, but also requires 45 percent less energy than comparable production buildings thanks to an intelligent air conditioning concept. It is therefore obvious that the lighting is also subject to the highest demands in terms of efficiency and intelligence. Pbe-Beljuli Planungs GmbH, which was commissioned with the technical conception, relied on LED systems from Insta for its lighting concept in most areas of the new building.

A span of six meters can cope with any assembly situation

The instalight NoLimit light line system was an ideal solution, especially for the production areas. Equipped with high-performance lamps specially designed for industrial lighting, the linear system ensures that all work areas are illuminated in accordance with standards but also balanced. Thanks to the robust aluminum body, the profiles only need a suspension point every six meters, which minimizes installation times and makes certain assembly situations possible in the first place.
The optics, which were already excellently glare-free on the C0-C180 level, were once again expanded to include a louvre louvre to illuminate the small parts warehouse, which also guarantees perfect glare-free lengthways.
The linear lighting system is supplemented by suspended downlights of the type instalight 3016, which are responsible for illuminating the traffic areas in the high-bay warehouse. Mounted at a height of around 21 meters, the downlights ensure uniform illumination of the driveways and walkways on the floor, but also guarantee pleasant vertical illuminance on the vertical surfaces.

Uniform design language for every lighting requirement

Thanks to the large number of variants of the NoLimit system, the design language of the lighting from production is also continued in the entrance area of the new Gira Campus. Diffuse light inserts in frameless installation profiles subtly underline the open structure of the staircase. Another NoLimit variant, as a pendant luminaire, follows exactly the geometry of the reception counter.
Numerous luminaires from the instalight Flat and instalight Tec families are also used to illuminate the meeting rooms and traffic routes in the administration area. Both systems have homogeneous planar light outlets and optically restrained luminaire bodies that fit unobtrusively into the building architecture. A special solution for the instalight Flat 2042 recessed ceiling luminaire is particularly impressive: thanks to its two-part mechanical construction, the luminaire also serves as an inspection opening. Maintenance work in the false ceiling becomes child's play by simply removing the luminaire.

All lighting solutions from Insta installed in the new Gira building use the latest LED technology to generate light. This guarantees maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.