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Get your complete luminaire concept in just three steps

InstaLighting Elements allows you to combine individual light pixels and light line systems with a choice of optics, colour effects and control management solutions to create bespoke luminaires. In just a few steps, you can thus shape the right light for your project in high-end quality.

Get your complete luminaire concept in 3 steps

Combine several light colours in a single luminaire

Several LDCs in a single luminaire

Assign a control management concept

Select from a wide-ranging portfolio (project) or...

...your own housing and branding (OEM)

Elements Pixel (PX)

Light pixels with a choice of optics can be configured to create linear or area lighting systems. You can combine several light colours and light distributions in a single luminaire.

Elements Linear (LN)

Linear lighting elements can be configured to create light line systems with different lengths and light distributions.

Elements for planners –
Your project in the right light

Your project in the right light. Individually adapt optics, light colours and control system to suit your application in a few simple steps with the help of InstaLighting Elements.

Elements for OEMs –
Customise your product in a few simple steps

Combine light pixels with different optics, colour effects and control management solutions to develop products for series production with a high level of lighting quality and bespoke housing. The clever way to reduce development times and costs.

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Elements for planners

InstaLighting Elements is not a luminaire – it’s a whole new way to shape light. The modular lighting platform has been developed in response to the needs and requirements of lighting designers and architects and offers totally new freedoms for designing individual lighting solutions.

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Lighting solutions and Elements for OEMs

The merger between Getron and InstaLighting has created a strong new partner for OEMs in the lighting and lighting management sector. InstaLighting’s extensive technical expertise coupled with Getron’s high level of flexibility, together with manufacturing and logistical competence, offers wide-ranging solutions for partners with their own production facilities, as well as those specialising exclusively in retailing lighting systems.