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Welcome to InstaLighting.
As of 1st October 2019, the lighting division of Insta will be known as Instalighting GmbH. We develop and manufacture integrated systems consisting of luminaires and controls for modern architectural lighting. For OEMs we devise individual luminaire concepts with optimal process integration.

Light as a solution

In 1998, we were among one of the first manufacturers to deploy LEDs to be used in the field of professional lighting.

In 2004, we introduced LEDTRIX, one of the first intelligent lighting control systems for a dynamic architectural lighting.

In 2016 marked the start for the lightline system instalight NoLimit, the beginning of the modular lighting building block.

With InstaLighting, we are now setting a new milestone. In future, we can be more focused on combining flexible lighting, control management as well as services for holistic and individual lighting solutions

More than technology

Tomorrow’s lighting is intelligent

Intelligent lighting is simply more than technology – it is an enhancement for our cities, tourism, traffic, ecology and shopping encounters.

For safety and the networked world of tomorrow, our lighting solutions provide concrete additional benefits for our customers and users. Take for example the bridge on the Thouarsstraße in Diepholz, depending on the occasion, this will shine in a different and dynamic light setting and should a pedestrian or cyclist approach, their path is lit up via a white light. In this way, the correct path is respectively made visible, turning the stepping onto the bridge into a wonderful experience time and time again. This light has now enabled the bridge to become part of the city’s innovative marketing concept.

Every market is different

Modular and individual – where our lighting building block turns special needs into standard practice

Every city, everyone and every market is different. This is why we do not develop rigid lighting but modular lighting building blocks that are flexible for users and can suit the needs of projects and OEMs.

Come and visit us at the Light and Building 2020 where we are presenting our LightKit – a customisable technological platform on which we can modularise and further develop our products and the portfolios of our OEMs.

Merger with Getron

Individual solutions for OEMs

In merging with Getron, we are expanding our range of services and solutions for OEM’s. Where the project business is concerned, this is a gain on flexibility as well as manufacturing and logistical competence and where Getron’s OEM customers profit from Instalighting’s high level of technical expertise. The existing points of contact will naturally remain as usual for all customers.

Great team

Flexible, agile, simple

For us, simplicity is the key to everything – simple configuration, simple handling and simple logistics make you the focus of a projects. Being a solution provider, we place a person in charge for each project who is able to combine all the facilities and interfaces so that management, assembly, lighting design, commissioning and service can smoothly engage with one another. By interlocking our know-how in planning, development, production and logistics we can at all times fit into your processes.
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