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Lighting solutions for shopping malls are characterized by their diversity – the requirements are wide-ranging, from emotional staging to the high-quality presentation of goods, the illumination of facades through to safety and orientation in traffic areas.

Intelligent light control in combination with the highest quality of light ensure more quality of stay, well-being and, as a result, a longer stay. The focus is always on profitability, long maintenance intervals and the use of savings potential.

Dynamic light for shopping malls

Human-centric lighting uses findings from biology and adapts artificial light to the dynamics of daylight. For this purpose, the illuminance and the light color are continuously changed in such a way that a positive, stimulating or relaxing effect is created and general well-being is increased.

Longer dwell time
Dynamic light that simulates daylight can significantly increase customer dwell time.

Higher sales
A pleasant atmosphere adapted to the situation relaxes people and leads to higher sales.

More wellbeing
Dynamic light, which is aligned with the natural biorhythm, leads to more well-being, reduces stress and increases concentration.

Intelligent control concepts with mesh networks

motion sensor
smartphone app
daylight sensor
control gear
light spot(s)

The control of individual light points without cables using Bluetooth or Zigbee enables cloud-based light management (e.g. using an app) and easy installation. Light distributions can be adapted to different needs and scenarios. Mesh networks are an uncomplicated and efficient solution for energy renovations. 

Products and lighting solutions for malls

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Way to an energetic refurbishment – from a single source

Project review and initial discussion
Identification of potential savings and calculation of amortization periods
Identification and application for funding
Lighting design and specification
Installation and commissioning
Energy and cost reduction

Operating costs can be radically reduced by converting lighting systems to LED lamps. In most cases, the necessary investments are amortized after just a few years and there is a net saving in the overall costs. The key to successful energy-efficient refurbishment is careful planning in order to exploit all potential and to be able to benefit from the various state subsidy programs.


Products for Malls & Retail


Recessed downlight DL2


Einbaudownlight DL5







LT1 Stratas XIC

Track spotlight LT1 Stratas





LT1 Stratas XIC

Ø 80 mm
LT1 Stratas XIC WW

Ø 80 mm