instalight Vario interface module LEDTRIX

Control of all designs (LEDLUX linear, LEDLUX prisma, LEDLUX plane) and color variants (TW, RGB, RGBW) of LEDLUX LX.
Enables the connection of two LEDTRIX systems with 60 channels each (supply via external power packs in the LEDTRIX systems with max. 120 W per output).


Ambient temperature +5 ... + 35 ° C
Storage & transport temperature -25 ... + 70 ° C
nominal voltage DC 28 V
Housing material FR4
Protection class III


Product CodeLeistungs-
V2 FM LX 0010.105 W

Interface: LEDTRIX
Design: SMD module with edge connector
Fieldbus: 2 x LEDTRIX with 60 channels each
Distance: 100 m