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Light creates a new quality of stay

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Light creates a new quality of stay

As part of the Regionale, the dam wall at Möhnesee in the Sauerland was developed into a tourist hotspot that makes the power of water tangible and at the same time invites you to linger. Light plays a special role in this transformation.

High-performance LED lines from InstaLighting provide glare-free, high-quality lighting and are integrated into the landscape architecture elements in such a way that they are invisible during the day.The lighting concept of the Lichtforum GmbH office in Arnsberg combines path guidance, staging, safety and a sensitive approach to the natural space at Lake Möhne.

The central requirement for the lights used was maximum glare control, in order to make the view of the water and the dam wall pleasant even in the evening hours and to protect the animals in the surrounding natural area. This is another reason why the planners chose the OHR1 4020 light line, whose optics direct the light precisely to where it belongs. Added to this is the robust construction thanks to casting technology, which protects the lights against severe weather events, heat and vandalism.

Another special feature is the lighting of the seating. The lights are integrated directly into the seats. This makes it easy and safe to find the benches in the dark. Sitting on the bench, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the view of the lake without being distracted or blinded by stray light. The light contrasts create a stimulating atmosphere that invites you to linger.

Verwendete Produkte

OHR1 4020 LS Handrail light inserts