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G DATA Software AG, Bochum

Lighting design

Tobias Link lighting planning


Boris Golz

For more than 30 years, GDATA Software AG has been ensuring security in the digital world from Germany. The IT pioneer from Bochum developed the world's first antivirus software as early as 1987. The spectacular company headquarters on an old industrial site is focused down to the last detail on the core competence of G DATA: an intelligent network structure. The original lighting system in the reception, cafeteria and event hall, which was designed by InstaLighting, takes this requirement into account.

The interior lighting in the three areas was to reflect G DATA's pioneering role - and of course also harmonise with the multifunctional interior. InstaLighting and the responsible planning office solved this task with an openly designed, widely ramified "grid" of direct and indirect light that connects individual "cells" with each other. The most striking lighting elements in the entrance area - futuristic-looking, accentuating light honeycombs on the ceiling and beam-shaped light beams on the floor - function as a visual statement and at the same time offer visitors a clear, directional guidance function. The cafeteria speaks the same language of light, appearing homely and at the same time floating like a spaceship. In the event hall, cubic outdoor luminaires, separately dimmable and adjustable in colour temperature, provide accents. The entire lighting system works according to aspects of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and thus supports the natural day-night rhythm of people. The control system enables four lighting scenarios: Daylight, two colour-dynamic party scenes and working light for cleaning and service tasks.

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