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Doha Tower in Qatar Best Tall Building Worldwide 2012


HE Sheikh Saoud Al-Thani, Qatar

Lighting design

Yann Kersalé office, Paris


Ateliers JEAN NOUVEL, Paris


Stefan Tornau, Qatar

In the Arabian Emirate of Qatar, InstaLighting has successfully put its largest lighting project in the company's history into operation. A total of 3386 LED lights are integrated into a dynamically controllable lighting concept that is used to illuminate the Doha Office Tower designed by architect Jean Nouvel.

The "instalight 1050" lights are installed on the corridors between the Moorish-looking exterior facade and the glass facade behind it of the 231-metre-high cylindrical building. Designed by the French light artist Yann Kersalé, the lighting at night creates a radiant effect similar to that of the aluminum façade during the day. Each lamp can be controlled individually and can be maintained remotely from Germany. Today you can see plasma gradients between the colors white and amber in the skyline of Doha, which transform the tower into dynamic gradients of silver and gold all around. However, the system can also be assigned new light scenes at any time. During commissioning, not only the new façade lighting but also the customer's face shone, because the project was by no means ordinary for him either.

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OS1 3050 Spotlights and spotlights