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Institute for Music at the Hochschule, Osnabrück

light and rhythm


Ahrens + Porter

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Elektro Große-Wördemann


Boris Golz

light and rhythm

The new building of the Institute for Music at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences is divided into three elegant buildings with an interior passage as a meeting place and space for communication. The institute is formed by an ensemble of three “plectrums”, which are assigned the functions of stage building, rehearsals and movement.

A special feature is the facade made of perforated metal plates. In combination with 2×2 OS4 outdoor spotlights from InstaLighting, dynamic patterns are thrown onto the facade that evoke associations with rhythms and sounds.

Der Außenstrahler OS4 basiert auf der neuartigen Lichtplattform »Elements«. Die Elements-Mikro-Reflektoren der OS4 sind perfekt entblendet und bringen das Licht genau dorthin, wo es hin soll. Durch die kleine Baugröße konnte der Abstand von Perforation und Außenwand minimiert werden, wodurch der dynamische Lichteffekt verstärkt wird.

Elements is InstaLighting's modular technology platform for maximum demands on light quality and flexibility in planning. High-quality lighting tools can be configured for every imaginable application from a modular system of optics, lamps and electronics.

Verwendete Produkte

OS4 2 × 2 Spotlights and spotlights