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Facade lighting from the ground - powered by Elements


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Facade lighting from the ground - powered by Elements

The medium-sized company "Mail Druck + Medien GmbH" is one of the leading companies in the fully digital and automated processing of print products with a particular specialization in the digital production of roll adhesive labels. In 2007, Stefan Mail, Managing Director of "Mail Druck + Medien", developed a patented laser cutting process for the production of roll adhesive labels without costly punching tools or dies.

InstaLighting illuminates the company building in Bünde with the new floor line OGL2 in RGB. The floor line runs once around the building and thus illuminates the facade in radiant colors. Thanks to the linear microreflectors specially developed for this application Powered by Elements the facades of the building are illuminated homogeneously from the base of the floor to the edge of the roof. Thanks to the robust construction combined with the proven principle of full encapsulation, the luminaire can be driven over without any problems and resists the most adverse environmental influences. Due to the high demands on tightness (IP68, IP69 and IP69K) and impact resistance (IK10), electronics and microreflectors are optimally protected against vandalism, weather and cleaning work.

The LED modules of the OGL2 floor line in RGB can be individually controlled via DMX, so that on the one hand monochrome, white & colored shades, and on the other hand rainbow-like light scenes are possible. In addition to their unique radiation characteristics, the linear microreflectors are designed for a perfect light mixture, so that the light arrives already mixed on the illuminated surface and does not leave any shades of color. Due to the high quality of light provided by the elements micro-reflectors, the mixing of white light does not pose any problems, which means that RGBW solutions have become superfluous.

The minimalist design with a width of only 29mm allows barely visible housing parts and makes the light almost invisible during the day. At night, the precise microreflectors of the Elements platform from InstaLighting ensure perfect and even light distribution without annoying glare effects.


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