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City utility tower in Duisburg

A landmark in transition

Lighting design

Peter Brdenk, Essen


Boris Golz

A landmark in transition

After 970 days of darkness, a popular Duisburg landmark shines again in a green light that can be seen from afar. Since December 2018, 180 facade spotlights and 256 meters of light lines from InstaLighting have been illuminating the Duisburg municipal works tower.

Originally, the 200 meter high tower served as a support for three flue gas pipes of thermal power station II. However, since this has not been in operation since the end of 2012, the flue gas pipes threatened to lose stability due to the increasing rust infestation. Therefore, the three huge steel cylinders were laboriously dismantled between 2016 and 2018. The support frame, however, was preserved as a monument and was also equipped with a new light installation at the same time. The challenge for lighting architect Peter Brdenk from Essen was clear even before work began: as a monument, the tower must shine as it did before the work was completed. However, with the three flue gas pipes, a huge reflective surface for the lighting was dismantled. Peter Brdenk compensated for this by cleverly placing different lighting fixtures. A combination of facade spotlights and directly radiating lines of light gives the filigree steel construction the desired plasticity in the dark.

InstaLighting supplied not only all of the lighting fixtures but also the complete controls. Around 4,500 meters of cable supply the lights with energy and control signals. Equipped with a central DMX control, the entire system can be adjusted not only in terms of brightness, but also in terms of color. The Stadtwerketurm Duisburg can also shine with changing light colors for special events. However, most of the time – according to the monument authority – the Duisburg landmark shines in the well-known bright green.

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