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Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Light for the historical center of Berlin


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Boris Golz

Light for the historical center of Berlin

In the summer of 2002, the German Bundestag decided to rebuild the Berlin Palace as the Humboldt Forum. A large cross-party majority followed the recommendation of the international commission of experts “Historical Center Berlin” for a museum, knowledge and meeting center. Architecturally, the Humboldt Forum takes up large parts of the Berlin Palace, which was destroyed in 1945 and blown up in 1950. On the east side facing the Spree, the historical facade has been replaced by a modern design by the Italian architect Franco Stella.

The public space in front of the eastern facade is divided into two levels: The "Spreebalkon" connects to the Humboldt Forum at ground level. The "Spreeterrasse" is just above the water level and invites you to linger on the river bank. Two pedestrian ramps contrast the strict grid of the facade with dynamic, diagonal lines and thus connect the river with the forum.

In the dark, the diagonal lines are accentuated by OGL1 LED lines and subtly emphasise the sandstone of the wall. The robust, waterproof and vandal-proof OGL1 floor lines are characterised by their minimalist profile of just 24 mm in width and are virtually invisible during the day. Handrails OHR1 are integrated into the upper wall below a projection, ensuring maximum safety without breaking up the lines of the architecture.

Verwendete Produkte

OHR1 4020 LN Handrail light inserts
OGL4 LH2 In-ground lights