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Lighthouse in Düsseldorf

Lighting design

Art space concepts, Bonn


Architectural office Petzinka Pink Architects, Thomas Pink


Photoprop Wuppertal

The Lighthouse is an office and administration building in the Düsseldorf Derrendorf district. Architect Thomas Pink from the “Petzinka Pink Architects” office used light as a brand-forming design element when designing the architecture. The narrow LED light strips attached to the facade of the new building trace the architecture. Each of the seven floors of the U-shaped building is highlighted in such a way that the structure of the architecture can also be seen in the dark.

The luminous intensity of the light bands, light scenes and colour variations are individually adjustable. The automatic recall of pre-programmed light scenarios is controlled via calendar functions (sunrise and sunset). The instalight 4010 LED-lines - 1430 metres in total - are equipped with 89145 LEDs in 4523 individually controllable LED modules. 55 control units with 13569 control channels ensure that the signals sent by the instalight CONTROL control system can be transmitted to the complete installation at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s. With its innovatively illuminated façade, the Lighthouse is a pioneer for the urban development changes in the north of Düsseldorf.

Verwendete Produkte

LEDLUX LX Light & Facade Lines OLL1 4010 LH2 Light & Facade Lines