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Dynamic light ensures better treatment quality

Lighting design

Tobias Link


Sarah Pulvermüller

Dynamic light ensures better treatment quality

The premises of the ophthalmological clinic on the Saar are controlled by the accent light inserts of the NoLimit lighting system in combination with a Casambi control depending on the time of day.

It was particularly important to the planners in this project that both doctors and visitors feel comfortable in the practice at all times of the day. The technical lighting requirements of a high quality of light with simultaneous flexibility and precision could be implemented with a special solution of the NoLimit accent lights. Each “light eye” can be set individually and thus brings the light exactly where it should be. The overall concept also includes a smart control in which the light changes its color temperature according to the time of day. In addition, the light level in the treatment room should adapt to the situation and automatically dim when the treatment starts.

With the help of a Casambi control system, a number of sensors and the NoLimit Accent luminaires in Tunable White, the ophthalmology practice of the Saar eye specialists shines in new light, creating a feel-good atmosphere for all visitors.

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