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Dynamic retail lighting with Casambi

The light in the new Möbel Martin branch uses dynamic lighting scenarios that support the natural biorhythm of people and thus ensure more quality of stay and a healthy environment indoors without access to daylight. Sensors measure the luminous intensity of daylight outside and transmit this data to the lighting control system, which adjusts the atmosphere inside accordingly.

With the help of the wireless lighting control software Casambi, each of the 8,000 lights on two floors can be controlled individually or in groups. A total of eleven groups, each with their own individually adapted lighting concepts, were created for the individual areas such as the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms and restaurant. Daylight sequences and programmed scenes can be called up via each individual Casambi station. In this way, other participants can also be integrated, for example if motion detectors are to be used to illuminate an area when customers come by.

With components from the NoLimit and Elements lighting platforms, lighting solutions and custom-made products were developed that were fitted into different ceiling constructions. The Elements micro-reflectors ensure good glare control, optimal light distribution and artifact-free mixing of color temperatures.

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