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Golda Meir Steg, Berlin

A glowing connection between Moabit and Mitte

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Boris Golz

A glowing connection between Moabit and Mitte

In the center of the city, directly at Berlin's main train station, a mixed, urban district is taking shape with the Europacity. Together with the promenade and the town square, the pedestrian and cycle path bridge over the Spandau shipping canal forms an important element of the tourist infrastructure connecting the formerly divided districts of Moabit and Mitte.

On the eastern side, the bridge merges seamlessly with the promenade there. On the west side, the ramp required there is integrated into the open space planning. Bridge and square thus merge into one unit. The pedestrian and bicycle walkway across the canal was named after former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Bridge, square, promenade and flight of steps are the “highlight” of Europacity.

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OHR1 4020 LN Handrail light inserts