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House of Brandenburg History, Potsdam

Stratas sheds light on 1,000 years of history

Lighting designer

Rosenspiess, Berlin

exhibition design

NeoNext, Berlin

Stratas sheds light on 1,000 years of history

The House of Brandenburg-Prussian History is the central place for Brandenburg culture and history. In 2020, the entire listed building was technically updated, the entrance area was redesigned and equipped with a digital visitor information system.

Finally, in May 2022, the new “Brandenburg. Exhibition”, which brings 1,000 years of history to life in one hour - from the beginnings in the 10th century to the heyday of Prussia as a great power in Europe to the Weimar Republic, the 3rd Reich and the GDR to the present.

In order to be able to present the many original objects in the exhibition in an impressive way, the optimal reproduction of very different materials and surfaces became the focus of the lighting design. Lighting for museums places the highest demands on the lighting tools used. The protection of the paintings, the color reproduction as well as the atmosphere and quality of stay in exhibition rooms determine whether works of art can develop their full effect and whether curatorial concepts reach visitors.

That's why the exceptionally high values for color rendering and color fidelity of the "Stratas" track spotlights from InstaLighting convinced the lighting planners at the Rosenspiess office in Berlin. A total of 120 Stratas lights with XICATO LED modules, different beam angles and optical attachments now set 228 objects such as the Gröben church register (from 1578), historical photographs of cloud formations from 1896 or the red Soviet star that the Red Army placed on the fortress in 1945 Küstrin put in scene.

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