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New Hunte Bridge, Diepholz

Interactive lighting concept combines safety with atmosphere


BIZ Architects

Electrical installation

Stadtwerke EVB Hintetal

Lighting designer

OCL Diepholz

Interactive lighting concept combines safety with atmosphere

On the new Huntebrücke in Diepholz, a dynamic lighting concept ensures that the light automatically adapts to the use of the bridge and at the same time becomes a landmark for the city. In the month of June - the month in which the twinning between Diepholz and Thouars was signed - the bridge appears in the colors of the tricolor of Germany and France as well as the coats of arms of Diepholz and Thouars.

In other months, for example, the play of colors between the beach and the sun, snowfall or spring meadows appear in dynamic light images that make the bridge appear different again and again.

However, as soon as pedestrians or cyclists approach the bridge, their path across the bridge is always illuminated in white light in accordance with the current specifications of DIN EN13201. In the approach area to the bridge, the correct route is made visible via projections from GOBO spotlights. This white light also appears again and again in different movements on the bridge and makes entering the bridge a surprising experience again and again.

Verwendete Produkte

OHR1 4020 LS Handrail light inserts