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Illumination of the "Himmelstreppe", Meschede

Lighting designer

Planwerk Essen, Peter Brdenk / TL-Vertrieb, Arnsberg


El. Rescue worker Meschede

Landscape architect

Planning and building the landscape NRW GmbH


A. Pilgrim-foto, Meschede

The Henneboulevard was created in Meschede as part of the regional event. It extends through the city center of Meschede, through the newly designed city park behind the district building to the foot of the Henne dam.

In May of this year, the extension of the boulevard, the so-called "Heaven's Staircase", with a viewing platform was completed. From the foot of the dam, the "Heaven's Staircase" climbs 328 steps up to the dam crest. At the top of the dam, the stairs lead to a 140 square meter viewing platform. InstaLighting illuminated the "Himmelstreppe" sign, which is easy to see in the photo, with the OGL1 1060 in the LH version with 3000 K. The proven LEDLUX light inserts, also in the LH version with 3000 K, were installed in the railing of the Himmelstreppe and on the new viewing platform installed in the handrail profiles of the company REC Rostfrei from Schwabach.

Verwendete Produkte

LEDLUX LH2 Lines of light
EAR1 4020 LH2 Handrail light inserts
OGL4 LH2 In-ground lights