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Lippe Bridge in Luenen

100 percent illuminated with LED

Lighting design

tecnoPlan GmbH & Co. KG, Essen


LED˙s DREAM UG, Thomas Waltenberger, Düsseldorf


Engineering office SchülkeWiesmann, Dortmund


Boris Golz

100 percent illuminated with LED

You will look in vain for light poles on the new Lippe Bridge in Lünen. Nevertheless, the building, which opened in spring 2016, shines in a brilliant white at night.

The 44-meter-long river crossing is intended to help upgrade inner-city bridges, especially for pedestrians and cyclists, and create an attractive vantage point. The city of Lünen attaches all the more importance to an artistically impressive architecture of the building. For this reason, in addition to the normatively prescribed illuminance on the traffic routes, the lighting technology used should also ensure an aesthetic night-time effect of the architecture. In daylight, all the lighting fixtures should recede unobtrusively into the background, leaving the architecture its own space. InstaLighting meets this challenge with the "instalight 4020" handrail system: a total of 42 meters of the robust LED light insert are integrated almost invisibly into the handrails of the bridge.

In the dark, these ensure a pleasant light distribution on the traffic routes and accentuating grazing light on the railing elements. The basic lighting is supplemented by targeted accent lighting, which gives the benches mounted in the middle of the bridge a floating character. The "LEDLUX LH linear" LED light line system is responsible for this effect. Thanks to the integrated power supply units, the compact modules can be supplied directly via 230 V. This not only saves time and effort during installation, but also reduces the required installation space to a minimum.

The central arch of the bridge can be seen from afar. With a rise of 4.35 meters above the road, it forms the supporting element of the river crossing. When it is dark, the 60 centimeter round tube of the arch is illuminated by "instalight 3065" LED spotlights. Just four of these extremely narrow-beam compact spots are enough to maintain the long-distance effect of the bridge even at night.

In addition to high energy efficiency and the ultra-compact design, the LED technology used on the Lippe Bridge has another advantage: With a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin and a high color rendering index of more than 90, the LEDs produce a pleasantly warm light. This in turn offers the users of the bridge a high level of visual comfort and a sense of security that could not be achieved to this extent with conventional lighting.

Verwendete Produkte

EAR1 4020 LH2 Handrail light inserts