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Plaza Nube Cloud Square, Zaragoza

Lighting design

Maurici Gines, Artec 3, Barcelona


Plaza Nube, Zaragoza

Technical lighting planning

Luz y Cristal / Insta Ibérica


Eloy Esteban Cantin, Zaragoza

In contrast to most of the spectacular installations at Expo 2008, which have gradually disappeared, alongside the striking landmarks – the water tower and the new bridge over the Ebro – above all the elaborately designed nature has found a permanent place in the cityscape of Zaragoza. The "Parque del Agua Luis Buñuel", a botanical theme and water landscape with over 65,000 trees and bushes, a surrounding water canal, some buildings and the Plaza Nube is part of this complex.

Located in the middle of the Ebro River meander, the Plaza Nube is an inconspicuous bed of gravel by day, bordering on the buildings of »Ebro Espacio«. On selected evenings, however, it turns into an impressive spectacle. Clouds in different colors and shapes waft mystically across the entire square - changing dynamics and intensity.

The secret of the staging, which Luz y Cristal / Insta Ibérica implemented technically, lies in a total of 11 ACO DRAIN channels, each 29 meters long with screwed grating covers. Below this, a closed water pipe system with over 1200 nozzles generates the fog. More than 80 LED lights "ACO DRAIN® Lichtlinie LED-Floorline RGB" (16.8 W, IP 67) from InstaLighting with a length of one meter were installed in five channels, which are offset. Each LED light can be controlled individually via the instalight® LEDTRIX light management system. 18 light scenes are pre-programmed and can be conveniently called up manually or automatically – with calendar and time functions – via a »KNX TP light control panel« from InstaLighting. The integration of further sensors is possible without any problems.

The Plaza Nube is part of the successful combination of urbanity and nature, which began with the literal bridging of the traditional inner city and the modern at a world exhibition in 2008.

Verwendete Produkte

OGL1 1060 LX In-ground lights