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RheinEnergieSTADION shines red and white


gmp | Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners


Kölner Sportstätten GmbH with partner RheinEnergie AG

Since the end of 2016, 4,200 meters of LED technology from Insta on the pylons of Cologne's RheinEnergieSTADION have had a spectacular long-distance effect. Opened in 2004 as a new World Cup-compatible venue, the stadium has recently undergone several modernizations after more than ten years of intensive use. Since then, modern LED lighting technology from the Sauerland has ensured a particularly sustainable change.

Only a few buildings in Cologne manage to impress as a prominent landmark next to the cathedral. The RheinEnergieSTADION has now acquired this status. With the new lighting of its four 72-meter-high pylons, the sports facility has an impressive long-distance effect that can be admired from a distance of up to 25 kilometers. Already in the planning phase of the new stadium building, the responsible architects from gmp designed the four high steel structures as luminous towers. However, this idea was originally implemented with fluorescent lamps in a single light color. Now these have been replaced by efficient and color-controllable LED technology. The operator not only saves energy with brighter and more even illumination, but can also call up attractive dynamic colored light effects instead of static white light. When the pylons shine in red and white - the club colors of 1. FC Köln - they put the fans in the mood on their way to the game. A goal celebration can be accompanied by its own light choreography, but there are also many options for concerts and other events. Nevertheless - Kölner Sportstätten GmbH as the operator and its partner, RheinEnergie AG, agree - there should be no randomly colored lighting. The aim is to achieve moderate effects that are adapted to the respective event. When implementing the lighting, the two companies Insta and TRILUX relied on a partnership. TRILUX supplied the complete LED lighting technology for illuminating the grandstands. The compact and powerful spotlights flood the underside of the grandstand with a rich red light, creating the visual foundation for the pylons that can be seen from afar. Their lighting, including control technology, programming and LED light lines, comes from Insta: 16 individual LED lines of the type LEDLUX LX linear are attached to the four inner sides of the plexiglass-clad steel masts over the entire height, with eight lines with RGB- and eight are equipped with white LEDs. The modules, which can be controlled in a grid of 32 centimeters, are positioned in such a way that the inner technical core of the pylons is illuminated. In this way, the towers at a height of 72 meters can be continuously illuminated with brilliant daylight white, but also with any color light. The high resolution enables graphic patterns and fine color gradients. In order to guarantee a safe and delay-free transmission of the more than 32,000 control channels, the pylons were interconnected with fiber optic cables. The lighting control is operated from a central point via an Insta touch panel. Different light scenes are preprogrammed here ready to be called up. As a special effect, the “Tooor” sequence can be called up spontaneously by the stadium announcer with the help of a buzzer. Then the four pylons signal up to a distance of 25 kilometers: 1. FC Köln has just hit!

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