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S-Bahn stations on the main line, Munich

Modernization of five underground S-Bahn stations


Boris Golz

Modernization of five underground S-Bahn stations

With the modernization of the five underground S-Bahn stations in Munich "Hauptbahnhof", "Karlsplatz (Stachus)", "Marienplatz", "Isartor" and "Rosenheimer Platz", the main route of the Munich S-Bahn is getting a new face. The defining color code of the stations goes back to the color concept that was developed in 1972 for the Olympic Games and takes up the colors of the Olympic rings.

In order to make the stations not only friendlier, but also safer and more barrier-free, the ceilings and the platform equipment were redesigned with furniture, stairs, lighting, a guidance system for the blind and seating.

Miniature radiators OS2 3065 DB from InstaLighting let the new support clothing shine in the Olympic colors. Precisely directed white light, an integrated power supply unit and the ultra-compact design make this luminaire the ideal lighting tool for filigree staging on buildings as well as in parks and gardens. Thanks to their small size, the spotlights are elegantly integrated into the ceiling construction.

In the handrails of the stairways there are light inserts of type OHR1 il 4020 DB installed by InstaLighting. The fully encapsulated LED light element is extremely robust and provides uniform light distribution with high quality of light for more safety, even with heavy traffic.

As a certified supplier to Deutsche Bahn, InstaLighting has special know-how in the development of lighting solutions for Transport infrastructure.

Verwendete Produkte

instalight 4020 DB N27 Handrail light inserts
instalight 3065 DB Spotlights and spotlights