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State Parliament of Stuttgart

Light for transparent democracy

Lighting design

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Michael Tümmers

Light for transparent democracy

As the first new parliament building in Germany after the end of the Second World War, the state parliament building of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart is a striking example of German post-war architecture and one of the most important architectural monuments in the state. In the basement there is a citizen and media center where visitors can find out about the work of the state parliament. The generous entrance situation serves as an agora and stage for cultural and political events at the same time.

LED light lines are integrated into the handrails of the stairs, which ensure safety and at the same time underline the theatrical character of the agora. The light color is specially matched to the sandstone of the stairs and brings out the quality of the material.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles bring the light exactly where it is needed. A soft light image ensures a high level of evenness on the running surface. In this way, the natural stone of the stairs is lightly and evenly lightened without unduly emphasizing the structure of the material. The glare-free optics prevent light pollution and minimize light emissions (dark sky).

Verwendete Produkte

OHR1 4020 LS Handrail light inserts