Handrail lighting

Handrail lighting solutions not only increase safety and orientation in public places - they are also an architecturally versatile design element. Through the flexible use of light colors, accent and surface light can be matched to the surroundings, whereby the luminaire itself disappears invisibly in the handrail. The standardized profiles from InstaLighting made of particularly durable stainless steel can be easily integrated into all standard handrail systems - regardless of materials and dimensions.

Relaunch of the OHR2 product family - powered by Elements

The new OHR2 product family is characterized by simple assembly, maximum light control through micro-reflectors and robustness. 
The new Elements lighting platform guarantees the highest quality of light and no glare. Let through a simple plug-in system supply themselves even long distances with just one power feed.

Powered by Elements

Elements is the modular technology platform from InstaLighting for maximum demands on light quality and flexibility in planning. High-quality lighting tools can be configured for every conceivable application from a modular system of optics, light sources and electronics.

Modular building block system
Freely combinable system of light distributions, light colors and control modules
Maximum and uniform quality of light
Consistent light quality across the entire portfolio for all optics, performance classes and light colors.
Flicker-free dimming
over the full range from 1 to 100%
Stable temperature management
for ambient temperatures from -20 ° to + 50 ° C

Products and catalog

InstaLighting has a variety of product solutions for the design of handrails - especially the Relaunch of the proven OHR product family based on The Elements technology platform sets new standards here.


Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Golda Meir Steg, Berlin

Intercity Hotel, Berlin

Himmelstreppe, Meschede

Handrail products

OHR1 - powered by Elements

Handrail insert OHR1 4020 for 27mm handrail grooves

OHR2 - powered by Elements

Handrail insert OHR2 with elements reflector optics for 27mm handrail grooves

OHR3 - powered by Elements

Handrail light insert OHR3 for 24mm handrail grooves

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