Customized lighting solutions made by InstaLighting

Special architectural concepts only become visible through light. Ideally, the luminaire is part of the architecture and integrates seamlessly into the built space in terms of shape and material. The lighting effect, which has a prominent design significance, is just as important. We therefore understand light as the fourth dimension of architecture. InstaLighting has decades of experience in developing special solutions as partners. We include control concepts as well as cooperation in assembly and commissioning.


Light ceiling in the Milaneo shopping mall, Stuttgart

Light steles at the stadium, Enschede

Coffered ceiling in the Martin furniture store, Saarbrücken

Suspension lamp in the escalator area

Luminous globe at the Nova-Eventis shopping center

Products for urban spaces

Spotlights and spotlights

OS1 3050

Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

OS2 3065

Outdoor spotlight OS2 3065

OS3 1065

Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050


Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

Handrail light inserts

OHR1 4020

Handrail insert OHR1 4020


Handrail insert OHR2 with micro-reflector

In-ground lights

OGL1 1060

Floor line OGL1 1060


Floor line OGL2 with micro reflectors

OGL3 3090

Ground point OGL3 3090

Facade lines

OLL1 4010

Facade line 4010

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