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St. Nikolai memorial, Hamburg

Restoration of a tourism magnet


Architects Kottmeier, Hamburg

Lighting design

Lichtbogen GmbH, Hamburg


Haustechnik Francke GmbH, Hamburg
Dominik Houy - Lightning Thunder


Boris Golz

Restoration of a tourism magnet

The St. Nikolai Church on Hamburg's Hopfenmarkt was founded in the 12th century and was only completed in 1874 in the neo-Gothic style. The 147 meter high tower was the tallest structure in the world between 1874 and 1877. During the Second World War, the church was destroyed by air raids. Today the ruin is a memorial for the victims of war and tyranny.

In order to highlight the memorial in the evening, the facade should be illuminated homogeneously from the inside. In particular, the spire with its filigree ornaments should be the focus of attention.

In order to create the right lighting effect for the very different facade elements, the facade was divided into four zones, each with its own lighting concept, which was implemented with a large number of different spotlights and wallwashers. The most powerful OS1 3050 spotlights from InstaLighting were used to bridge long distances between the light point and the facade.

Verwendete Produkte

OS1 3050 Spotlights and spotlights OS3 1065A Spotlights and spotlights