Natural light for gardening and landscaping

Light is part of nature. And so artificial light always interferes with the habitat of animals and plants. That is why light has to be integrated into the natural space in landscape planning and the luminaire itself has to be as invisible as possible. The light should create a natural appearance. Light that shines from top to bottom creates characteristic shadow images similar to the sun or moon. Glare-free optics that only bring light to where it is needed prevent "light pollution" and protect biodiversity. On traffic areas and paths, in parks, on paths, bridges and places where people meet, good light ensures safety and orientation and underlines the identity of the place.

Gardening and landscaping products

Spotlights and spotlights

OS1 3050

Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

OS2 3065

Outdoor spotlight OS2 3065


Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050


Outdoor spotlight OS1 3050

Handrail light inserts

OHR1 4020

Handrail insert OHR1 4020


Handrail insert OHR2 with micro-reflector

In-ground lights

OGL1 1060

Floor line OGL1 1060


Floor line OGL2 with micro reflectors

OGL3 3090

Ground point OGL3 3090

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